Nice Job NBC, Way To Be There For Everyone

Posted: April 19, 2007 in opinion, personal, politics, tv

What the hell was NBC thinking? What moron in the top office decided that airing the video and putting his pictures out there was a “good idea“. How bad can you want that market share?

The good thing is that now NBC look’s like the big bag of ass that they are. I gotta admit that I love MSNBC, but this is just a bit much. All that we have learned from this is that the killer planned all of this, and that it wasn’t a snapping point event. He had enough mind to create a video, take pictures, and write out his twisted thoughts. You don’t do that when you snap, and you definitely don’t take the time to mail it out.

Have we gone so far down the rabbit hole of having to know everything 24-7 that we had to know about this nut-job? Did NBC really think that we had a right to that information? Nobody needed to see that information except for the families of the victim’s. None of us has a right or a need to know anything about him or what he thought. It does nothing except expand the impact of what he did. He has achieved his goal of immortality, and now will be an inspiration to other nut’s to live out their own twisted desires.

So thank you NBC. You have given the killer what he wanted, and giving the families one more thing to hurt about. You have shown us all what matters most in the world of new’s. I won’t forget, and hopefully other’s won’t either.

NBC’s New Logo

  1. FWA says:

    I personally don’t have a problem with NBC showing the video and the other stuff they got.

    What I think is lame is how they portrayed themselves as “agonizing” over whether or not to show the video. We all know the NBC executives came in their pants after they got something so exclusive dropped in their laps.

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