Never Revisit Old Games

Posted: April 25, 2007 in Games, opinion, personal

Thanks to emulator’s we can all go back in time and revisit the games we loved to play as children. If you haven’t done so already, then let me give you some advice: Don’t.

Your favorite games are great for memories or argument’s over whether Double Dragon was better then Super Mario Brother’s. They are not so good for revisiting. All that you will accomplish by doing this is destroying the memories of hours spent playing The Legend Of Zelda. You will realize that they kind of suck now that you have been shown the future.

Now I am not saying that the games themselves suck, but that we are so much older and so much further developed technically. When they are viewed in the light of the present, the once bright star begins to dim. I have ruined my memories of a couple of these, and I will not destroy the rest. Your experience my be different, but for me the past is better left in my memories.

Hero’s Unite!

  1. I have the same reaction with old TV shows and cartoons. I’ll remember how awesome a particular show was when I was 7 but when I watch it today I think it really sucks.

    I do still enjoy old games though. Some are great for mindless fun.

  2. rey says:

    This is true for most games but some games will always be great to me. My prime example is Street Fighter II Turbo. No matter how long it’s been since I’ve played it I can always get back into the mix and enjoy it.

    I feel the same way about tv shows though. I can’t stand to watch an episode of Full House anymore.

  3. LFD says:

    I think with some TV shows, mostly live action ones that’s true. I can’t stand most live action ones I used to watch, but I can still go back and watch old cartoons and find them hilarious.
    Also, I still love old games. My dad just recently played FFVII through again, and is playing his way through VIII now too. Graphically it doesn’t matter is something doesn’t look so great; if the story was good, the gameplay was good, and the characters were interesting a fun, then it’ll still be fun to replay. I do it with a lot of old games too, and I still have a great time! I love all the memories it brings back, and I especially love seeing the characters again.
    I suppose it really depends on the person more than the games, though I do think that there are some out there that are really so good, it doesn’t matter how much time passes, you really can still have fun with them because they were so imaginative and well made. Some things really do stand the test of time.

  4. Maximus says:

    I would like to see a continuation of the topic

  5. Jorell, Master Of Scheduling says:

    At the risk of sounding like an idiot – YOU’RE SO WRONG, DUDE!!!

    Super Mario Kart on the SNES is still the best version. I have a SNES, N64 and DS emulator on my modified XBOX1 and I also have a Wii, and I have versions of Mario Kart for all of those. I also played Double Dash on the GameCube. Despite now inferior graphics, the SNES has the best and most balanced gameplay. Especially when you consider how well matched the difficulty curve is.

    Old TV shows can grow better with time too. Simpsons seasons 1-9 are so much more funny when you can see the references to other films and more adult jokes not just the juvenile ones. And I can’t imagine Futurama being funny if it had been released before I was 12.

  6. dunam says:

    I have always had great taste in games, some games age better than others. I still find defender of the crown a good game and populous 2 is still fun.

    The only games that are being spoiled for me, is games where I used to play with cheat modes on. What was I thinking?

  7. Pedro Amaral says:

    Again… I couldn’t agree more. It happened to me the same! I loved Pokemon for GameBoy (I’m only 16) but I haven’t played it for a long time. The minute I started playing it I got bored and the good memories I had were ruined.

    I’ll never do the same!

    Pedro Amaral

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