About The Boss

This blog is my dumping ground for all of the awesome thoughts in my head. My massive brain can’t contain these ideas, so I had the Department of Defense design me a place to put them. I believe they named it the “Internet.”

I know that some of you have asked me to talk a little about myself, so here is what I can tell you without fear that your brains will melt due to how awesome I am.  I am a giant, and I have a variety of semi-trucks and dragons that I drive to work. I can teleport myself, but I don’t like to show off.  I can be found on a typical weekday traveling back in time to fight the Nazi’s, and I also like to hunt dinosaurs.

I can whisper the word “strawberry hotdog” to any woman I meet making them fall madly in love with me. I never use it though because I can normally get women to want me based off my ability to climb tall buildings and swat down jet fighters.  Chicks dig tough guys.

Some of you will love me and some of you won’t, but all of you can leave a comment. I’ll post them, and make fun of all you.  Feel free to worship me in your spare time.