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I find it to be completely and totally worthless that I have to go to sleep.  What a waste of time.  The worse part about it is that you are forced to go to sleep because if you don’t you will die.  Wouldn’t it be great if sleeping was an option?  You could decide what to do with those 4-10 hours that you waste sweating in bed.  How much could we accomplish if we didn’t have to sleep?


I must admit that I was utterly shocked to hear the news of Billy’s untimely death.  It seems that this last week has been a very bad one for celebrities.  Now I know that most people will say that he was an annoying guy in a blue shirt, but to me he was proof that hard work and talent can get you anywhere.

I hate infomercials.  I hate them with a passion.  But I love a Billy May’s commercial.  I think that magic behind them was his over the top personality, and the fact that what he was pushing is actually worth a damn.  I can’t think of anyone I know that doesn’t have now, or at some point in the past, a bottle of OxiClean in their possession.  I believed in Billy and that was the power of his commercials.  You can’t ignore a man with that much passion for their product.

I had recently become a huge fan of his TV show on Discovery, Pitchmen.  It showed that there was more to the yelling guy on TV, and the more I watched the bigger the fan I became.  I love sales.  I love the fact that nothing happens in life without it, and I love watching people that are good at it in action.  Billy took what some consider an old and outdated way of selling, and turned it into a billion dollar business.  Along the way he also taught everyone a lesson on the power of buiding a personal brand.  Who would have thought that a yell, a beard, and a blue shirt could be worth so much money?

My heart goes out to his family, and especially to his little girl.  A man with a personality that large will leave a gap in their lives.  I, for one, will miss you and your commercials, Billy.  I promise if I get the chance I will punch the ShamWow guy in the nuts for you.  I hope you get a blue shirt in Heaven.


    I was accused of being lazy the other day. I normally don’t mind being called names, but I did mind this. Lazy is a nasty little four-letter word that doesn’t get a lot of notice. The reason that I minded being called this is that I didn’t feel it was justified.

To better understand the reason behind my being called lazy, you must know some information about me. I am on a break from working out right now, and I could fall into the category of “Let Myself Go”. I was in the military for six years, and every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I was up and running by 6am. I was like the USPS in that I had to run in rain, sleet, or snow. I enjoy exercise and love the feeling I get running, but I am not going to lie when I say that I haven’t missed it at all. I enjoy sleeping in and my only brush with the cold is my morning walking of the dog. My break with working out was only going to last a couple weeks but as of today is going on six months strong.

I have also enjoyed all the lovely food that I couldn’t eat in the military due to a weight limit. I have crammed six years of repressed eating into six months and it now shows. I don’t mind it at all since it gives me somewhere to rest my arms, but I find that I am starting to miss my old ability to tie my shoes and not lose my breath. However, I don’t miss it enough to go running…yet.

Now I know that you are probably asking yourself, “How in the hell does this guy think that he doesn’t deserve the lazy badge”? Well I have a simple answer for you, I earned it. Yep, that is right. I feel I have earned every bit of this chubby suit I am wearing. Also, I am only lazy right now with working out and not with work, chores, etc. Therefore, I don’t think I should be called lazy. Nonathletic? Maybe. Lazy? Nope.

I plan to start working out again soon since my pants are getting tight. Now if you just thought to yourself that I should buy new pants a size bigger, you are truly lazy. I am too cheap to go that route, and I feel that the tight pants should always be enough of a warning that you need to turn it up. Don’t use the pants method though if you are in the 40 or 50 size range. If you are wearing those, then they are probably stretchy pants and can’t be trusted.

Anyway, the only thing that matters in life is whether you are happy. I don’t care if you are 90lbs or 500lbs, if you are happy with yourself then more power! Everyone knows the risks these days for everything, so don’t preach to me that anyone that is 500lbs shouldn’t be happy. If you are that big and you love it, then listen to your own heart. After all, we only have one life to live.

Fat Kid