In case you missed it, starting May 14th it will cost you more to send a letter then it did the previous week. The postage rate will now be 41 cents instead of 39, which for those of you who suck at math is two cents more expensive. This means that now you must go out and buy yourself some lovely two cent stamps. Lord knows that everyone hates that chore. Wait a minute! The Postal Service has read your little mind and has felt your grief at having to buy two cent stamps. Enter the FOREVER STAMP!!!

Forever Stamp

What, pray tell, is the Forever Stamp? The Forever Stamp is the newest stamp on the block, and it is so cool that it is good forever! No need to go out and buy those annoying two cent stamps or stick twice the postage on a letter anymore. With the Forever Stamp, you simply buy it and use it. You never have to worry about the cost of postage again.

Now, I know what you are thinking. You are thinking that the Forever Stamp is a great idea, and why didn’t good ol’ Ben Franklin think of it? Now I agree with you that the Forever Stamp is a great idea, but I disagree with the implementation of the idea. I will now take the time to explain to you why I think it is stupid and sucks, so that you don’t have to think for yourself.

First and foremost, I believe that the Postal Service has done it’s job and should be closed. Now before any Postal Worker’s decide to go, um, postal on me, hear me out. The USPS was founded to provide a service that couldn’t be matched in the private sector. It was very good at this service for a very long time, but the demands of a modern society and the competition from the private sector are destroying it. This year, even with the stamp hike, the USPS will have a 5.2 BILLION dollar deficit. Let me remind you that it is you, Mr. Taxpayer, that is supporting this institution.

Second, there is no price difference between a Forever Stamp and a regular stamp. The whole idea behind the stamp is to make it something special that people will buy to avoid their stamps expiring, but with no difference in price why would you buy the regular stamp? The Post Office is all excited about this stamp because they feel that it will led to an increase of stamp sales right before a postage hike as people feel like they are getting something for less. The USPS are betting on people buying them in bulk and giving the USPS the money that they would spend over the course of a year or more of stamp buying right now.

Smart move, poor excution. With no difference in the cost of a Forever Stamp and a regular stamp it would be absolutely stupid of someone to spend the same money on a stamp that will not be good forever. It would be like buying a car that deprecates when you can get a car that doesn’t for the same price. Please don’t use the excuse that the 41 cent stamps are pretty because no one looks at the damn stamp on a letter!

If they truly wanted it to be something special they would only offer it right before a hike, and they would charge a penny more then the current cost. You , Johnny Customer, would still save money since they are cheaper then the upcoming cost, but you, Susie Post Office, wouldn’t devalue the product by having it out all the time. However, this is a government institution we are talking about, and smart and government do not go hand in hand.

So there is my argument on why this idea is so great and yet so stupid. I know that I will never buy a regular stamp again since it would be just too stupid to do so. I have nothing against the USPS, but I feel that their time is coming to an end. I will toast you, fair Postman, as you ride into the sunset!


Never Revisit Old Games

Posted: April 25, 2007 in Games, opinion, personal

Thanks to emulator’s we can all go back in time and revisit the games we loved to play as children. If you haven’t done so already, then let me give you some advice: Don’t.

Your favorite games are great for memories or argument’s over whether Double Dragon was better then Super Mario Brother’s. They are not so good for revisiting. All that you will accomplish by doing this is destroying the memories of hours spent playing The Legend Of Zelda. You will realize that they kind of suck now that you have been shown the future.

Now I am not saying that the games themselves suck, but that we are so much older and so much further developed technically. When they are viewed in the light of the present, the once bright star begins to dim. I have ruined my memories of a couple of these, and I will not destroy the rest. Your experience my be different, but for me the past is better left in my memories.

Hero’s Unite!

Guitar Hero Sucks

Posted: April 23, 2007 in Games, Humor, opinion, personal

I played Guitar Hero yesterday for the first and last time. I was really excited about playing it based off all the review’s that scream how awesome it is. It took me a whole minute to realize that this game sucks. It is simply Dance, Dance Revolution for your fingers. There is really nothing all that great about mashing buttons with your hand to a fake crowd screaming for your fake guitar skills.

Now I know that some of you might say that I didn’t give it enough time to grow on me or that I just suck. The answer to both of those is no, so you can go back to living at home with your mom. Just a suggestion.

My problem is that it is just button mashing, and at the end of the day you don’t know how to play a guitar. I am sure that girls think that bragging about how awesome you are at the game is a lot cooler then shredding on a real guitar. Who needs real skills anyway?

There is only one thing that could make Guitar Hero cool, and it is pictured below. Nothing but the Chuck can save this game, and only if he kills people with the guitar.

Guitar Hero, Chuck Style

I don’t care how old I get, farting will still be funny. If ever someone wanted to argue that God has a sense of humor, then farting would be the universal joke. I am amazed at how I still can’t help but laugh over one.

Guy’s use farts as a way of messing with each other, defining what they ate that day, or revenge. Nothing beats dropping a hot bit of mustard gas in someone’s car, and watching them climb in after that devil’s aerosol has had time to cook in the day’s heat. That is a dish best served warm!

However, there is a darkside to farts. It is a nasty side that most men, mostly the unmarried, try to deny exist’s. It is the back alley world of farting, and it is filled with lies and deception. Yes, I am talking about Girl Farts!

Most guy’s will never run into an outright example of this until they develop a serious relationship with one of the “finer” sex. You have probably run into one a couple times before this, but they can be hidden as dog farts, farts that were in the aisle before she got there, or farts that you let slip and don’t remember. That last one is a popular excuse, and most guy’s will fall for it because it isn’t that far fetched.

One of the myth’s surrounding a girl fart is that it smells like rose’s, and I am sad to say that myth is a lie. Trash smell’s like trash, and a fart smell’s like a fart. The only problem isn’t the smell, but that something so pretty could create that evil. Guy’s are pretty nasty to begin with, but girls are mostly nice to look at and relatively clean. This apperance of good loosens the guard and lowers the defense.

I am all for the equality of the sex’s, but I still find my soul cringing at a fart squeaking from the cheek’s of a woman. My fart’s can smell like I shoved a corpse up my ass, but let that come from a woman and I want to vomit. I have actually been in a store and had a woman fart in the aisle I was in. I know it was her based off the fact that it wasn’t me and I heard it announce it’s birth. She looked at me, and I looked at her. The awkward situation became more so when I was greeted with a smell of cabbage and week-old dead raccoon. She whispered something about Mexican food; but my soul was trying to leave my body, so I didn’t really hear her.

All I want is to go back to the day’s where the Girl Fart was something whispered about on the playground. Day’s where sugar and spice were true, and that only nasty Bradley would fart. Those were the good ol’ days. Those were the day’s that I loved.

Girl Farting

What the hell was NBC thinking? What moron in the top office decided that airing the video and putting his pictures out there was a “good idea“. How bad can you want that market share?

The good thing is that now NBC look’s like the big bag of ass that they are. I gotta admit that I love MSNBC, but this is just a bit much. All that we have learned from this is that the killer planned all of this, and that it wasn’t a snapping point event. He had enough mind to create a video, take pictures, and write out his twisted thoughts. You don’t do that when you snap, and you definitely don’t take the time to mail it out.

Have we gone so far down the rabbit hole of having to know everything 24-7 that we had to know about this nut-job? Did NBC really think that we had a right to that information? Nobody needed to see that information except for the families of the victim’s. None of us has a right or a need to know anything about him or what he thought. It does nothing except expand the impact of what he did. He has achieved his goal of immortality, and now will be an inspiration to other nut’s to live out their own twisted desires.

So thank you NBC. You have given the killer what he wanted, and giving the families one more thing to hurt about. You have shown us all what matters most in the world of new’s. I won’t forget, and hopefully other’s won’t either.

NBC’s New Logo

This is my first post on this blog. I intend to try and write as often as I can on it. I intend for it to be a place where I can share my thoughts free of the chains our society places on our thoughts. We have been taught to never ask question’s and to not express our true feelings. I plan on saying what I am thinking, and hearing back from others. I will never censure anything that anyone leaves here as long as it is constructive. I look forward to rattling the cage with all of you.Rebel Against The Wall’s Other’s Have Placed Before You