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At least once a week I will walk into a place of business looking to give them my money in exchange for something I want.  This is normally a pretty easy and uneventful thing to do since the process is not especially hard to do.

This is normally how it goes:

Me: “I want that.”

Business: “Ok, pay me and it’s yours.”

Me: Throws money at them and does the happy dance out of the store.

Not hard, right?

Enter The Annoyance

The problem is that every now and then when I go somewhere, wanting to simply throw money and do my happy dance, I run into whiny, ass-hat employees.  You know the type – openly complaining about their job, life, day, etc.  Every single time I run into these assholes I am reminded about why Amazon gets so much of my business.  They also ruin my happy dance, and worse they force me to reconsider my decisions to go out in public.

Shut Up and Do Your Job

Let’s get one thing straight when it comes to customer/employee interaction at most places of business.  If you are the customer then you are always right.  If you are the employee then you are there to ensure that the customer is always right and that everything in their life is rainbows and pop-tarts.  If you do anything else – YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG.

I don’t care anything at all about your stupid life, and I will only look at your stupid face as long as necessary.  Odds are that you are fat and your clothes are stained or wrinkled.  Why you would think that anyone cares at all about how pathetic or terrible your life can be is above me, but the truth is that we don’t.  You are a retail robot who has one goal, and one goal only: Make The Damn Sale.

How Quickly We Forget

Whatever happened to just being happy to have a job?  Railroad Joe, my local homeless hero, would kill you to have a job.  No, that’s not a joke.  He will literally stab you and then wear your clothes and pretend to be you.

This Great Recession was suppose to reeducate the losers in society, yet we have obviously failed in this mission somewhere.  If you hate your job so much then quit.  The same goes for your life.  Join a gym or jump off a bridge; just make a damn decision.  You belong to a generation of whiners and losers with a few gems tucked in mud.  You are not special, and you can’t have it your way.  Fuck your way.  Your way sucks.

You have a job, and all that you are asked to do is dress and act a certain way.  Plenty will take your job from you if you just can’t bear to do those things anymore.  However, we both know the truth.  You won’t quit.  That would require you to make a decision and take action.  It’s much easier to whine.

Sad But True

The worst part about the whole experience is that I normally run into these pathetic souls who perform in the presence of mismanagement this way.  I know.  WTF?  If you are a manager and you hear this and don’t do anything then you are part of the problem – The part I want to choke.  It is your job to keep the D-Players from making your company look like shit, but only 1% of you have the balls to do it.  The other 99% would rather be friends with their employees than their boss.  How can I ultimately be mad at them for acting the way they do when all you do is teach them it’s ok.

Manager: “Who taught you to whine and complain all the time?”

Employee: “I learned it from you!”

Customer: Cuts wrist and bleeds to death